Darryl Nikilson

Based: London / ENGLAND

Darryl has over 5 years experience in white-collar boxing, semi-pro fights, and Muay Thai with Santhai Gym (Chang Mai). He has been training Shaolin since 2010, taught under Master Shi Xing Xin and Master Wang Xinglong (Tai Chi City big brother school). This includes Shaolin forms and Applications, Sanda, Body Conditioning, Power Training, Hard and Soft Qigong, Standing Mediation and Yang style Tai Chi. Darryl also trained Chen style Tai Chi under Master Shousheng Zhang. Needless to say, Darryl is an extremely proficient and talented Martial Arts practitioner and loves teaching the arts to any students willing to dedicate time and effort.

Based in the Surrey hills and Surrey area for both private tuition/classes in Tai Chi Forms and Tai Chi basics, Qigong and moving Qigong, Standing Meditations, Padwork, Movement training, Power Training, strength and conditioning, balance, posture, reaction time and hand-eye coordination training.