Master Wang

Based: Istanbul / TURKEY

(Buddhist name Shi Xing Long) is a 32nd generation Shaolin master. He started his training at age 12 in the now world famous Shaolin Temple near Deng Feng, in Henan province, central China. He started by training traditional Shaolin techniques under Master Shi De Qian, who was a well known and highly respected master of his generation. This training lasted for five years, during which time Master Wang became very interested in hand to hand combat and the idea of testing himself through full-contact competitive fighting.

After these five years, he left the main temple and moved to the city of Deng Feng to train at the International Shaolin Sanda Academy, a school specialised in Shaolin sport fighting (Sanda). The school is known for producing high level Sanda competitors as well as being the Zhengzhou army school for military combat training. It produced several professional fighters and still holds army competitions. Master Wang trained there for 4 years. He turned pro after his second year of training and began to enter professional competitions all over the country. He won many competitions, including the famous “Kungfu King” tournament. He achieved the rank of 7th degree master (the equivalent of a 7th degree black belt), under the Chinese Wushu Association, as well as becoming a licensed Sanda coach.

In the year 2000, in a full-contact sparring match, Master Wang suffered a severe injury to his back. He cracked his fourth vertebrae and was hospitalised for over half a year. Doctors were unsure if he would be able to walk properly after his injury. This injury, unfortunately, cut Master Wang’s career short. He had to retire from fighting at the age of only twenty.

Master Shi De Qian was a Chinese medical practitioner as well as a renowned martial artist. He also had a deep understanding of the principles of internal practices such as Tai Chi and Qigong. He was able to guide Master Wang through his recovery in hospital and continued to train him in internal practice after his release from hospital. Master Wang made a full recovery and was able to continue his martial arts practice from then on but did not return to fighting because of the health risks.

Master Wang began teaching in 2001 and has been doing the same ever since. He was able to meet many foreign students and martial artists, which helped him to learn English and understand foreign and international cultures much better.

Since traditional martial arts have become progressively less popular in China over the years, Master Wang’s goal is to try to reverse this trend. He hopes to spread classic Shaolin skills throughout the world. He believes that Shaolin training can help people to develop physical power and health, while also developing strong mental will and a calm and humble spirit. This is the foundation of Shaolin Kungfu.

Master Wang is a serious and dedicated martial artist. His teaching style is quite strict and he doesn't hold back from pushing students to their limits, both physically and mentally. This can seem overwhelming to new students but they quickly learn that outside of training, Master Wang is a very genuine and caring person, who tries his best to help with any personal matters and to promote a family type atmosphere in the school. He has also worked hard over many years to improve his English communication skills and to learn about foreign cultures, to better understand his students.