“Since I found Tai Chi City my self-confidence has improved and, consequently, my life too. Excellent training in a warm and familiar environment. Tai chi for ever! :)”

Pilar PerezBCCMA Tai Chi Bronze and Silver Medallist

What They’re Saying About Us

“Joel (Tai Chi City) is a brilliant teacher, teaching with precision and detail - and his passion for Tai Chi is as tangible as it is infectious.”

Joanna QuesnelBCCMA Tai Chi Bronze Medallist

“Tai Chi City one of my favourite placed for me, I just forget all stress life there, they know how to teach everyone by simply. I am very happy and proud to join Tai Chi City.”

Ahmed EidPimlico, Member since 2016

“Tai Chi City has really changed my life, how I feel about my body after two babies (now = really proud!) and a real sense of teamwork, unity and strength. Cannot recommend Imad and his team highly enough :)”

Amy DoderoMother & Jewellery Designer/Maker, January 2019

“Having never done anything like this before, I've loved my 7 month Tai Chi journey with these guys so far. They're positive, encouraging, understanding but tough instructors and our class has forged a real bond. Give it a go.”

Adam WellsDecember 2018

“I trained with Joel (Tai Chi City) for a full summer and together we achieved amazing results, far beyond what I had expected. Joel will persevere and push you AND he's a great guy! If you are looking for a personal trainer to take you to a whole other level, I can not recommend him enough!”

Maria HammershoyPimlico, September 2018

“When Tai Chi classes came to our gym I thought I would give it a go. I never believed I would enjoy it as much as I do. I love our instructor, his passion is our inspiration. I get such a buzz when he says we are making him proud! I'm a more 'mature' student and it's really helping to strengthen my legs and my balance has improved beyond belief.”

Cherie Tait FergusonVA Twickenham, November 2018

“As an Osteopath with 25 years’ experience, I know a good exercise format when I see one and Tai Chi is really excellent, working on many levels including strength, coordination, agility, balance, flexibility, and memory. I would thoroughly recommend Tai Chi to anyone looking for an enhancement to their current sports and exercise programme and it can also be performed as a way through injury. Imad, Joel and the team of Tai Chi City provide a fantastically supportive environment. They are able to accommodate a range of levels from novice to expert and their patient, disciplined teaching style, with individual attention to detail, enables rapid but solid progress through the many forms. Amazing!”

David PropertOsteopath, 6 April 2016

“I was not initially very keen to come to Tai Chi but a friend was so enthusiastic, I gave it a try. The first lesson or two, I was not convinced it was for me. And then suddenly I was completely in the zone and loved it. Joel is an excellent teacher - he is both patient and particular in his instruction. He is extremely encouraging, too; keen for you to do well and succeed. Unlike some instructors, he is not concerned with himself and his practice; it is all about you and yours. Having been away from class for some 6 weeks, coming back to it I realise what a beautiful form of physical and mental exercise it is; and how I have missed it. It is a class I hope I shall be able to carry on forever, no matter my age.”

Charlotte B GoodPimlico, February 2016

“I went along to a Tai Chi City class rather reluctantly after repeated urgings from a friend in my yoga class. After all, tai chi is a martial art and holds no interest for me... But from the very first class I was completely hooked! Tai chi turns out to be an amazing art form, excellent for both mind and body, as well as being well suited to anybody, no matter what age, stage or level of fitness. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have experienced tai chi, particularly under the guidance of Tai Chi City's skilled coaches and feel this is something that has enriched my whole life, now and in the years to come.”

Tammy MarshmellowDolphin Square, March 2016

“I started Tai Chi 2 months ago with TCC. After only 8 weeks, I can safety say Tai Chi has become an important part of my life. Physically, my core strength, stability and flexibility have all improved. Mentally, the meditation has helped me focus my mind better than before.
Imad is a fantastic teacher, firm but patient, disciplined but gentle. It’s been incredible meeting and getting to know other members of TCC as well, all of whom have helped me make Tai Chi fun and enjoyable too. I can’t recommend Tai Chi City enough. Thank you Tai Chi City!”

Charly SolomouDolphin Square, November 2015

“As an Asian, Tai Chi is part of my culture. But I have only taken it up seriously since living in England. Joel is such a wonderful teacher – my English is not perfect, so he sometimes needs to explain things more than once. He does so with patience and kindness. He always encourages me and I love his classes.”

Helena LamDolphin Square, January 2016

“Great for the body and mind. I have been practicing tai chi with tai chi city for almost a year now and I had noticeable improvements in posture, tone and flexibility. Besides, after every class I feel relaxed, recharged (i do it on sundays to set the tone for the week to come) and accomplished as every time you learn new movements and progress in the forms. Joel is a great teacher, very capable, precise and with a great “relaxed” attitude to guide you step by step through complex movements.”

Giulia BaravelliDolphin Square, February 2019

“I have been a student of Joel English in the practice of Tai Chi and QI Gong for 2 years.

Tai Chi is a unique, beautiful, and integrative form of exercise, and Joel is an outstanding instructor, with a level of patience, passion, and dedication that ensures I gain the most from my training. He is one of the kindest, non-judgemental facilitators I have ever encountered. His particular style of teaching is informative and insightful into the true practice of Tai Chi.

This has resulted in huge benefits to my health and well-being, such as increased mobility, balance, flexibility and overall strength in my body. It has challenged me to do moves, I thought I could never achieve, and most crucially brought clarity and balance to the mind.

Tai Chi is something I can do, indoors and out; I have learnt that continuing benefits come from practice, so now incorporated as a life tool for my mind and body.

In my capacity also as a Health Care Professional, I would strongly recommend Tai, Chi and an inspiring teacher like Joel as a form of exercise to improve health and well-being and its Fun!! It should be available to as many people, as possible of all ages, given the ongoing tremendous outcomes and benefits, I have experienced.”

Carole BrennanBA Hons, MSc Psychology and Health. Professional Compassion focused Mindfulness Coach. February 2019